Last Week’s Films (25/06 – 22/07)

So…I didn’t watch anything new (to me, anyway) for quite a while, and rather than make empty posts for the weeks with no films, I just added some weeks together. Still only 1 new film in all that time, but still…

It’s Such a Beautiful Day (Don Hertzfeldt, 2012)

This is a collection of three animated shorts, featuring a stickman named Bill. There is a narrator who explains Bill’s thoughts, dreams and the actions throughout the film. I could not get into the style at all. The animation is simple (Bill is a stickman, after all), and the “random”, offbeat kind of humour did not work for me at all. I can see why people might like it, it’s philosophical and at times a little surreal, but the questions it asks and the manner of the asking is not the kind of thing I can get behind.  With a running time of 62 minutes it’s a fairly short watch, and if you are interested in watching it I would say this: You will know within the first 5 minutes whether you’ll love this film or hate it. It’s a no thank you, from me. 4/10