Last Week’s Films (26/03-01/04)

Only two films this week, but at least I actually managed to leave the house in order to see one of them!

Ready Player One (Steven Spielberg, 2018)

Set in the rundown future year of 2045 where seemingly everyone escapes from reality using the virtual reality game OASIS, Ready Player One follows Wade Watts as he attempts to complete a quest set by the late creator of the game for its control before a shady, evil corporation can do it first and change OASIS for the worse, and for profit. He is joined by some online friends who aid him in his quest. The film is basically a million references to video game and film culture, from Buckaroo Banzai to Gears of War, and it was a little fun to notice characters in the background from other franchises, although the more in-your-face explained references were a little grating. I had fun watching this, a pretty simple story but told well and some nice visual flair. In terms of recent Spielberg, I enjoyed it much more than The Post but it wasn’t as good as Bridge of Spies. 6.5/10

Sullivan’s Travels (Preston Sturges, 1941)

This was one I had for a while and had been interested in watching pretty much entirely based on the premise. It’s about a film director who is sick of making comedies and wants to make a serious masterpiece, but feels he needs to experience suffering and trouble before he can make a true film about it, so he decides to go out into the world with only 10 cents in his pocket and experience trouble. There’s some good dialogue in this but the story ends up unfolding in a pretty silly way. I did enjoy the ending, but overall I was fairly disappointed. 5/10

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