Last Week’s Films (19/03 – 25/03)

It’s been a while since I last updated, I guess work and university has kept me busy. This is reflected in how few films I’ve watched as well…

Was once again a fairly lean week here. I’d love to say it was a week of quality rather than quantity, but sadly it was neither…

It Comes At Night (Trey Edward Shults, 2016)

What I expected here and what I got were two entirely different things. It seemed like it would be a standard spooky horror film with monsters etc, but in reality it was a family-drama with a rundown, post-apocalyptic setting. Set after a plague seems to have wiped out most of the population, we see a family holed up in a house they’d fortified and watch as they let another family come live there with them and the tension that arises from it. It’s quite tense and there’s some weird dream sequences but overall it wasn’t that interesting, I would rather have seen more about the plague’s effects on the world on a larger scale really. 5/10

The Fate of the Furious (F. Gary Gray, 2017)

I haven’t watched a single one of these films since I saw the first one at age 15 or so and not really liking it much. I don’t care much for cars really, I only care if it gets me from A to B without breaking down, and the action and characters seemed pretty generic, so I never bothered with any of the various nonsense-titled sequels, until now… My friend was controlling the TV this day, so I’ll blame him for this as well as the next film choice. This film wasn’t actually as bad as I expected it would be, it was absolute nonsense with some laughable dialogue and action sequences, but in an amusing way. There was some fun had in laughing at the film, but overall it was pretty bad… 4/10

Suicide Squad (David Ayer, 2016)

This one was as bad as I expected it would be, and again the choice of my TV-controlling friend. I have no idea why he put this on since he had already seen it twice and described it as “dogshit”, but here we are. He was right, it was an absolute mess. It seemed they were trying to make the villainous Suicide Squad sympathetic and it became a generic good vs. evil type story when it would have been much more interesting to do more to explore the fact that they are “bad guys” who are being forced to work for good. The soundtrack was irritating, with a new and jarring song seemingly every 5 minutes, and the portrayal of the Joker by Jared Leto annoyed me too. I don’t really like superhero films that much anyway, but this was worse than usual, and didn’t even have the comedy value of other stinkers like Batman vs. Superman. 3/10

Only 3 films for that week, and the next two weeks will be similarly bare 🙁


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